Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Move aside Cake Boss...

Not sure that I am feeling this blogging thing so much anymore but in the interests of public safety - I will try to prevail. You may ask why public safety - well, there will most surely be riots in the street should I stop, my gazillions of followers will gather enmass in protest.

Here below are snaps of my first ever properly decorate two tier wedding cake. Need to take it to class tonight. It has been a major source of panic in my life but turned out quite ok..... My sponge cake is awesome! It has a caramel buttercream filling and a vanilla butter cream iced on the outside of the cake - covered with pettinice.....

I have not got pics of my assembled two-tier cake. I have not as yet stacked them on top of each other but I have no fear :-)




C'mon, tell me that is not awesome for my very FIRST ever pettinice covered cake. First ever wedding cake. First ever two tierd cake!!!! First ever iced flower arrangement! 

I must be honest - I am quite proud of myself! I could cover a cake in butter cream before and that was about it.

Last class tonight :-( Will get to see the other girls' cakes. Sure they have turned out some masterpieces. I veered away from the fine piping - was too sh*t scared :-) So decorated my bottom tier as creatively as I could. Think it turned out quite cool after not having seen it done before....

Later  ya'll,

Friday, 07 October 2011

Miss me???

Geez - the days just seem to be running away from me. Still trying out this blog thing - I enjoy it when I get the chance but the issue is to make time and carry on regardless of how busy things get  - that's when I don't enjoy.

Also hard to keep writing everyday - so I want to be realistic about the whole thing and try and ensure I still enjoy blogging while still writing frequently. So, new rules - I am going to attempt to blog at least every second day. Lets see how this goes - hopefully that means we will be on 3 posts a week....

On the weight loss front I am making progress - 5kg down!!! whoop whoop! Another 5 to go by next weekend :-) Ok ok, so that it not possible but maybe 1??? Pretty please Mr Scale! Pretty please Mr Dress! Pretty please Universe. I need to look smoking.... The way I look at it, is that I could have looked thinner (I know this because I have been thinner) but then again, if I hadn't stopped the bus on 23 Aug and told all the fat kids could get off -  I could have looked a lot worse too!!!! :-) Also, it is the younger cousin's wedding so in order to try and avoid the pitying stares and comments like the "ag shame, your time will come too" or "ask your cousin for some tips" - I am attempting to look super hot.... Als, will being seeing some "ex" family (still family but I couldn't care too much if I never saw them again) that have not seen in years (long story). Or just as classy as all hell. Hair appointment booked. M.A.C make-up appointment booked. I found a dress today but if it isn't quite right then I will keep looking....

Don't get me wrong. I am in a happy and committed relationship, so at least I can skip the "shame, one day you will find your Mr Right" comments. Of course, like most chicks, I want to get married. But not just because my cousin is - when we want to. Oh, and when he asks :-)

Anyhoo - this weekend is a whole lot of cake decorating and flower making. Going to the Triangle to show my mommy all that I have learnt - so that she can leverage off my really expensive course that I had to pay for, that she can learn for free...... And Sunday I will be baking and seeing if it is at all possible for me to decorate something that kinda-sorta resembles a wedding cake of sorts......... My intention was to have a cake full of iced roses but holey smokes am running out of time - so am cutting back on the dream :-)

I hope to have some pics for you next Monday, latest Tuesday of THE CAKE. I hope it doesn't look too crappy. Trying something that I have not been shown how to do and not sure if it is going to look like a 5 year old got hold of the cake, or just plain awesome. This NEW, never seen before technique is to try and disguise the fact that I am the world's worst fine icing piper person!

Have a jol,

Thursday, 06 October 2011


Apologies, I have been MIA for almost a week now. It has just been a busy week!

I have had every intention to write but time has just not been on my side.

I promise to blog tomorrow and keep you posted with the goings-on? or going-ons? of what is what. No - nothing monumentally exciting just the usual!

I will see you tomorrow and until then, if you have an awesome Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe - please send it this-a way! I need one! Got to make that two-tier wedding cake this weekend and quite frankly I am poop-ing in my pants.

Chat soon