Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cake Decorating????

A couple of months back I did something that most people wouldn't never have expected from me, I enrolled for a Cake Decorating Course, a wedding cake decorating course to be precise. Do I planning on quitting my job and making wedding cakes? Well no (esp after last night, will tell you about that later) but it was the only course that offered everything: icing, piping embroidery, modelling flowers, chocolate, cupcakes etc....

Last night was lesson number 2. Week one = awesome = best in class = I am a rock

Week 2 =  fine piping with Royal Icing = not so much of very good (translates to incredibly bad) = worst in class. My cake dummy looked like I had given the piping bag to a 3 year old and looked away, maybe even 3 3-yr olds. Oops. Clearly I need some practice. The most difficult technique (according to my "teacher") could do with eyes closed, the easy peasy, run of the mill stuff, well not so much....

I have realised (waaaay before last night) that I have limited (if any) patience. This is something that clearly I need to work on. I also tend to be a perfectionist - blend this with impatience and if I don't get something right first time round - I want to flip my lid :-)

Another one of my downfalls in life (my big b*ss calls these type of things NON-TALENTS bhahahaha), is tolerance for exceptionally irritating people. Irritating people who kiss a$$ - this grates my cheese. Irritating kiss a$$ little teachers pet with a whiney, whiney, whiney voice - I  believe at this point some people may see smoke coming out of my ears...We have one of those in our class. I am not alone in my irritation. Anyways, enough about Mini Me (she is about 2 feet tall) Anna (this is not her real name).

Enough about cake decorating. Thanks to your friend and mine, Mr Julius Malema, I have to cancel a client meeting at the blue bank. Their parking entrance in same road as The Revolutionary House (there are no agents there). Hmmm, maybe I can finally get to that work that I know I need to finish but always find something better to do, like watch paint dry, stare into space, you know, the real important stuff.

BREAKING NEWS: Haha - ok, so client stills want to have the meeting. I will be leaving shortly to brave a crowd of very unhappy brick throwing people. Awesome! If this is my last post, well you know that I didn't make it, well the 2 people who know about this blog  (since starting it yesterday) will know I didn't make it.....

Anyways, let me get cracking and do some work, this is after all what they pay me monthly pocket money for.....


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 1.... The fear of writer's block..... Or is it writer's blog???

So here goes

Today, I have, at the drop of a hat, decided to start my own blog....

To be honest I am a little bit nervous but am going to write incognito for a while - just until I get the hang of this. I am pretty much IT-illiterate so may take some time :-)

I have been following my friend, super-skinny Gail's blog for a while and it has been awesome. I will post her link at a later stage - as I said, I am doing this on-the-down-low for now. I am suspicious of all things tech related and I believe that there is someone out there watching one's every move - so if I posted Gail's link, then this said person would tell her and voila - cover blown :-) A bit of OCD maybe? Who knows :-)

I have also started following some other food blogs recently and am just loving it. So what the heck, let me try one. You will learn in time (should I stick this out) that I love, love, love, love, love food! In fact, I love food so much that in about 14 months I have gained 12 kgs. In my entire life I have never been over-weight - for the first time I really was! You may ask yourself, what the hell lady!!! In fact, I have asked myself a lot more. I blame my relationship.... I have been in a relationship with the current bf (let us call him My German going forward) for about 17 months now. Started the relationship after I had lost about 9kg. This weight probably wasn't realistically sustainable - I was single, gyming like a mother father, and eating like a bird. Add a boyfriend who likes food and me who has discovered she loves to cook + bake + eat and voila - a recipe for disaster!

I am now 8 days down the line of my not so much a diet, as a hopeful lifestyle change. Portions control - as opposed to eating enough food for to feed a family, I am trying to just eat enough for one person, cut out the crap and re-introduce exercise! Woo hoo!

This blog was created with nothing specific in mind but as it is called, a little bit of everything. Hope to include some of the dishes I make, some stories and well, just a little bit of everything.....