Tuesday, 30 August 2011

So here goes

Today, I have, at the drop of a hat, decided to start my own blog....

To be honest I am a little bit nervous but am going to write incognito for a while - just until I get the hang of this. I am pretty much IT-illiterate so may take some time :-)

I have been following my friend, super-skinny Gail's blog for a while and it has been awesome. I will post her link at a later stage - as I said, I am doing this on-the-down-low for now. I am suspicious of all things tech related and I believe that there is someone out there watching one's every move - so if I posted Gail's link, then this said person would tell her and voila - cover blown :-) A bit of OCD maybe? Who knows :-)

I have also started following some other food blogs recently and am just loving it. So what the heck, let me try one. You will learn in time (should I stick this out) that I love, love, love, love, love food! In fact, I love food so much that in about 14 months I have gained 12 kgs. In my entire life I have never been over-weight - for the first time I really was! You may ask yourself, what the hell lady!!! In fact, I have asked myself a lot more. I blame my relationship.... I have been in a relationship with the current bf (let us call him My German going forward) for about 17 months now. Started the relationship after I had lost about 9kg. This weight probably wasn't realistically sustainable - I was single, gyming like a mother father, and eating like a bird. Add a boyfriend who likes food and me who has discovered she loves to cook + bake + eat and voila - a recipe for disaster!

I am now 8 days down the line of my not so much a diet, as a hopeful lifestyle change. Portions control - as opposed to eating enough food for to feed a family, I am trying to just eat enough for one person, cut out the crap and re-introduce exercise! Woo hoo!

This blog was created with nothing specific in mind but as it is called, a little bit of everything. Hope to include some of the dishes I make, some stories and well, just a little bit of everything.....



  1. This is the greatest blog i have ever read!!!