Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cake Decorating????

A couple of months back I did something that most people wouldn't never have expected from me, I enrolled for a Cake Decorating Course, a wedding cake decorating course to be precise. Do I planning on quitting my job and making wedding cakes? Well no (esp after last night, will tell you about that later) but it was the only course that offered everything: icing, piping embroidery, modelling flowers, chocolate, cupcakes etc....

Last night was lesson number 2. Week one = awesome = best in class = I am a rock

Week 2 =  fine piping with Royal Icing = not so much of very good (translates to incredibly bad) = worst in class. My cake dummy looked like I had given the piping bag to a 3 year old and looked away, maybe even 3 3-yr olds. Oops. Clearly I need some practice. The most difficult technique (according to my "teacher") could do with eyes closed, the easy peasy, run of the mill stuff, well not so much....

I have realised (waaaay before last night) that I have limited (if any) patience. This is something that clearly I need to work on. I also tend to be a perfectionist - blend this with impatience and if I don't get something right first time round - I want to flip my lid :-)

Another one of my downfalls in life (my big b*ss calls these type of things NON-TALENTS bhahahaha), is tolerance for exceptionally irritating people. Irritating people who kiss a$$ - this grates my cheese. Irritating kiss a$$ little teachers pet with a whiney, whiney, whiney voice - I  believe at this point some people may see smoke coming out of my ears...We have one of those in our class. I am not alone in my irritation. Anyways, enough about Mini Me (she is about 2 feet tall) Anna (this is not her real name).

Enough about cake decorating. Thanks to your friend and mine, Mr Julius Malema, I have to cancel a client meeting at the blue bank. Their parking entrance in same road as The Revolutionary House (there are no agents there). Hmmm, maybe I can finally get to that work that I know I need to finish but always find something better to do, like watch paint dry, stare into space, you know, the real important stuff.

BREAKING NEWS: Haha - ok, so client stills want to have the meeting. I will be leaving shortly to brave a crowd of very unhappy brick throwing people. Awesome! If this is my last post, well you know that I didn't make it, well the 2 people who know about this blog  (since starting it yesterday) will know I didn't make it.....

Anyways, let me get cracking and do some work, this is after all what they pay me monthly pocket money for.....


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