Thursday, 01 September 2011

Spring is in the air and I hate traffic

Day 1 of Spring 2011. 8:30 a.m. and 16 degrees (celcius may I add). Whoop whoop. And a max of 26 deg!

Knowing that I am going to get out of Sandton at  like probably never today (thanks Springboks) I decided to go to into work late. I got a 4.5km run in, watered the plants, shoved some food into the slow cooker (my new favourite gadget), showered and got into my car to get to work for a 9am meeting. I did not make it. Traffic was an absolute wh*re, sl*t, b*tch today..... Interestingly enough, once I actually got to the office, as flustered as all hell I wondered what exactly the point was of rushing to get here.... Eish, such a good start to the day, only to be as grumpy as can be by 9am.

Ok, let us go to a happier place. uhhhhmm uhhhhhm **she chants while rubbing her earlobes to calm down and find happy thoughts**. Let's see. Well, the Springboks are... wait Bronwyn, happy thoughts, happy thoughts (Springboks are parading through Sandton this afternoon before jetting of to New Zealand to *********** the world cup.
Parade = road closures = grid-locked traffic = never get home). Ok, back to happy thoughts, happy thoughts....

Anyways, I am coming up with nothing other than hunger at this point..... The thing about using running as a your exercise to lose weight, is that it works well but on the flip side of the coin,  is that it results in a mother father appetite. I am trying to lose weight = portion control + exercise but if you run then you just want to eat ALL of the time and hungry ALL of the time..... For now, I remain strong and maintain my resolve but to be honest, a loaf or 6 of ciabatta, smothered in real butter, covered with a wheel of cheese and maybe an entire pastrami, would go down a storm.... I am most definitely not going down the starving myself to lose weight (we all know that as soon as you start eating - bam, hello weight  + his extra friends) so am being responsible and snacking on fruit, yoghurt et al (this keeps my hunger at bay for about, hmmm, I dunno, 5 seconds????) but like I said, that ciabatta, hmmmm, yum.

Oh wow - I just had an awesome thought, never mind the money that you spend on petrol to get to work which companies should rebate us for, companies should count the hours that you actually spend to get to work towards your working day hour tally. This way our working hours would be waaay less AND we wouldn't mind traffic as much.... I love this idea!

Ok kids, I have to get to work. Have your self an awesome spring day!


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