Monday, 19 September 2011

39th week of 2011. Really???

Another weekend has drawn to a close and another week begins. Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was good. This morning I just feel like I need another....

Got the weekend off to a good start - I kicked off with a Friday evening gym session! :-) Saturday morning the alarm clock tried it's best to get me out of bed at 05:30 to get to gym at 06:00. Like I said, tried. Got up at 06:00 anyways and had a fabulous day with my mommy - we found the most fantastic shops that I didn't even know existed in Jozi. Soooo cool!

It was the cousin's bachelorette party on Saturday afternoon. Wow - that's kinda when I fell off the wagon a little, there was sooooooo much food. so much of yummy food. And I had wine - more than a glass or even 2 :-). Such exciting times - start of a new life and adventure together....

Mommy slept over on Saturday night and helped me kick start my gardening endeavour. Sjoe wee - it is hard work! No gym for the rest of the weekend but I reckon from the way my body is feeling this morning - it was a close tie... We have so much to do in our garden but really taking shape. My German and I went to the nursery (wow, we like all grown up) and bought some plants and he bought me a hippo (yeah for real, well not a real one but sooo cute). Our labrobear (labrador) reckoned said hippo was alive and an hour of barking ensued..... Annoying! :-) Labrobears are not always very smart.....

This week I wont let these clowns at the office get to me! I have set up a meeting with the big boss to let him know what is what and what REALLY goes on in this office. Not that he isn't one of the main problems either....Whether I actually do this, you will have to wait until Wednesday to hear - meeting set up for Tuesday afternoon.

Looking forward to a week of healthy eating and exercising. The cousin's wedding is in less than a month and I need to be in tip top shape (or at least as best as I can be) by then. Some of fandamily (I refer to them as ex-family) will be there. Haven't seen them in almost 4 years and when I do I wanna look my best - cause when you look your best, you feel your best, right????

Hope the 39th week of the year is a good one,

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