Friday, 30 September 2011


Happy Springbok Friday! Quite a festive mood here at work - we are having a champagne breakfast and watching the Samoa vs South Africa world cup game on the big screen in one of our conference rooms.... Another tough day at the Stock Exchange.... Then this afternoon we have Heritage celebrations with Castle Lager coming to pop in......

Problem with this is - food and alcohol unfortunately contain calories! Eish! I will try to instill some self-restraint.... I have finally broken the 4kg barrier today. Holey smokes - these 4kgs have taken their sweet time. The first 3 were easy but this 4th one had really seemed to grow on me. In fact it seemed to love me so that it found it really hard to part ways. We have now parted ways.... Bye bye Mr 4kgs!!!! Good riddance to bad blubber :-)

The weekend is here and unfortunately having a full time job means that weekends are often (and usually) filled with admin... Tomorrow I need to go and paint a room at my place - I have a new tenant moving in who does not seem to think that colour is cool and would prefer a white wall - hmmmm. Sucky! Taking My German with me so hoping we can sort that out chop-chop. The quicker I am out of that complex the better, the body corporate, specifically the chairwoman (chair-dragon) are the spawn of satan and my blood pressure does not handle it well..... There is more to life.... If only my poor tenant nknew what he was in for.....

Started the prep-work to make iced flowers the weekend. Let us see if I can actually do at home on my own-some what we were shown in class..... Going to start planning my two-tier wedding cake, our final project. It's not so easy - hmmm, what kind of cake, what kind of icing under the pettinice, decoration, colour, theme, etc. All I know is, is that I am not going to cheat by using fresh flowers - iced flowers all the way baby!!!! And probably roses - they are so pretty.

Looking forward to catching some extra zzzz's the weekend - I am still pretty exhausted today. My eyes are so puffy it looks like I have the world's biggest hangover. Trust me, all I had last night was some sparkling water and a cup of java....

Alas, no gym last night :-( I only finished work at 6 and drove home with My German - too tired to even contemplate much. Decided if I am so tired to take it a bit easy and not over-do it. Don't fret kids - my gym bag is packed and waiting here behind my desk - ready for tonight. Yes, you heard right. Gym on a Friday night. A girl has to do, what a girl has to do!

Hope you have a kick-a$$ weekend,

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