Friday, 16 September 2011

It's the weekend baaaaaaby!!!

Whoo hoo the weekend is upon us. 4 work hours of this day to go. At this point I am not sure that is of much solace in that fact - half an hour longer at work is too much. Geez Louise am feeling drained today. I think I need to adhere to that "TOO" story that I keep referring to. I think that I may have been pushing it TOO much at gym and now I am TOO tired and feeling TOO hungover (which am not actually) to think of anything other than want to nap TOO much. Moderation is key but when you wanna lose weight and you love food I think that the risk can be there of over-doing it in the exercise department. I should try out this moderation story.

On another front, I am actually sick of work. I am so tired of the politics, the games and the conniving that goes on. You can't believe the sh*t that goes down everyday. People trying to take credit for other people's work while being the laziest person on the planet is probably my biggest gripe. It's a bloody joke. And you can tell me that I am in charge of my own destiny but I will prob tell you to go fly a kite (maybe not so eloquently). Hell, some things you just can't control! This would be one of them. I have tried every approach under the sun with these clowns - nothing. It's the problem when a company buys another company and tries to integrate staff of totally different corporate cultures. Pity I was last man standing....

Anyways - looking forward to a busy weekend. It's the cousin's kitchen tea this weekend. Mommy and I are galavanting around town and when I say around town I mean around town - west rand, northern suburbs, east rand etc. My German is running 50km on Sunday... Crazy man!

Hope you have a slamming weekend!


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