Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Flower Power

Hello all!

Yesterday was Tuesday, so we all know what that means.... CAKE DECORATING!!!! Whoo hoo!

I include some pic of what we made. Please note that I look like a bit of a tart in class taking photos all the time - so these are real quick snaps taken from my phone. We finished our lilies and daisies, made blossoms, made trumpet flowers and got shown how to cover a cake with butter cream and then pettinice, by the master herself.. She is truly awesome! Her website is go and have a look at some of the cakes that she has made.

See the first pic. Daisies! They are awesome (if you ignore the few petals that are missing -they may have accidentally been broken off :-)). See the calyxes on the roses (the green stuff). See the trumpet flower at the top of the pic.
Daisies, Trumpet Flowers & Roses

Kate (teacher's finished lily)

My finished lily (pretty damn awesome, right???)

Trumpet Flower

I now present you with Kate's cake she demo'd to us. This was an un-iced sponge (bottom layer), the top tier was iced already. She covered the cake with butter icing, pettinice, and the "petals", assembled the two and added the flowers (first fresh, then iced flowers) in about half an hour.... WTF!!!! The pics below is of the cake and her flowers she made in class - the purple ones are the blossoms (I unfortunately did not get a pic of my blossoms - they were still drying upside down). Let me remind you - half an hour people!!!! Half a freaking hour!!!!

  She is awesome! 

Have a super fab day and chat soon,
P.S. Project weight loss and health was on hold for a while - and back on track again this week. Back to the 4kg mark (which is where I was 2 Saturday's ago). Now to somehow healthily and unhungrily lose a shed load of weight in 18 days - the cousin's big day! I want to just resemble a semblance of normal Bronwyn. Here is hoping :-)

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