Monday, 26 September 2011

Photo Bonanza Monday

So how goes it???

What a week last week, I didn't get a chance to post after Wednesday last week. Well mainly because I was out of the office on Thursday on a "team building" called STRAIGHT TALK - it was all about having conversations, I kid you not... Friday was a half day and then I spent the rest of it cooking and baking...

Saturday was National Braai Day (Heritage Day in SA) and we decided to conform to society and braai. It was so busy that I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the food on Saturday :-( It was awesome. There are some photos but apologies, most of them are rather poor. Some of them were taken the next day when My German and I were snacking on left overs and the others are just badly taken photos taken in a hurry....

Remember to just click on a pic to make it bigger. There are so many today that I did not want to take up half the internet of space...... :-)

Hmmmm so I made the following foodies:

Snacks on the table:
Homemade: A kick ass salsa with a nice bite, a roasted red pepper hummus, sour cream and chives dip
Bought: Crackers, chips, incl tortilla chips.


Red Pepper Hummus

Homemade: Greek salad, beetroot, rocket and goats cheese salad, a lentil corn and pepper salad, the most fantastic vegetarian lasagne (included roasted baby brinjals, roasted peppers, roasted butternut with a tomato, zucchini and mushroom sauce), mielie bread, my famous potatoes (roasted in oven with onion and garlic)
Bought: Matured rump , various flavoured chicken kebabs, boerie (My German braai'd them perfectly)

Beetroot, Rocket and Goats Cheese Salad

Greek Salad & Lentil, Corn & Pepper Salad

Homemade: Oreo Crumb Crust Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake with a Chocolate Ganache Topping and a Pineapple Marshmallow Fridge Tart

I have no dessert pics :-( and these were AWESOME!

All I can say was that it was awesome and I had too much wine and I am trying to hail down the wagon so I can somehow climb back on it.... In my favour - I woke up on Sunday morning feeling half ok and managed a kick ass hour of cardio at the gym - I started feeling fragile thereafter.....

Also, on the gardening front it is coming on nicely (still lots to do) but I am starting to enjoy it and I have some of lots of ideas on how to make it better... You may remember from last week that we bougtht a hippo last weekend, so we started making the area around him pretty :-)

Its bonus photo day today - so here is one of me and my labrobear, Chelsea, what I have failed to mention thus far is that I am dog CRAAAAAAZY!!!! Chelsea is not on my lap - it is all an illusion :-)

And below is the latest addition to the family, Tansy our pound hound :-) She is such a sweetie. This is her on Mr Japerica and Miss America's laps.

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