Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Look what I made!!!!

It's a lily!!!!

Made from pettinice (a.k.a plastic icing)...

How awesome?????

Next week we will learn how to colour them. I think it is quite nice in white.
It was a busy class this week. Started making daisies as well - those are real cute. We made calyxes (is this a word???? it is more than one calyx) for our roses (alas my battery lasted long enough to take the pic of the lily and then it shut down - so no pic of the finished roses (they not so awesome anyways :-))

Tell me the lily doesn't look awesome??? For a first attempt I think I rocked it! My fellow students think these are easier than roses - me not so sure. These are very "finnicky".

What I am sure of is that I need to start practicing...... Maybe from Sunday..... Hopefully..... Else next weekend for shizzle!

Things at work are going along. For some reason it is really quite busy at the mo.... Work is really starting to get in the way of my trawling the world wide web for recipes.....

It's My German's dad's birthday today and so we are going to the most fantabulous Japanese place for the most fantabulous sushi! Yum yum yum. Try it out next time you are in the Rivonia area - it is called Japa. Cheap is different - so please don't say I didn't warn you....

I really need to get cracking with some work so I will holler at you later!


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