Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Breaking the 3kg barrier

Yes I did it! whoop whoop! ok so it has only been 2 weeks but thought this day would never arrive. For the record breaking the 3kg barrier does not mean I now weigh over 3kgs but it instead means that I have now lost 3kg. 3.1 to be exact (hey, a girl has got to keep herself motivated).

In the midst of it all it doesn't seem so monumental when we look at Mrs UK, who I found out yesterday has to date lost 20kg (and looks super fab by the by). Then there is SSG (Super Skinny Gail) who has lost 45kg last time I checked. But guess what - they also lost a total of 3kg or even 3.1kg at some point. SSG speaks a lot about inspiration and motivation in her blog - her blog is here Someone can inspire you to start something, be it weight loss, a degree, anything really but only you, yourself can keep yourself motivated.

Your goals need to be set for you - not for someone else. And this is indeed so true - I will remind myself of this all day today as I am already feeling the excuses heading my way (in my head of course) to skip gym (just this once) tonight. See. I will go to gym, I will go to gym, I will go to gym. Seriously though, if you set your mind to something and say you want to achieve it and not doing everything in your power to achieve the goal - then hell, what is the point. Take weight loss for example, I know that a healthy diet and exercise will lead to weight loss but if I only do one of the two then I am not doing everything WITHIN my power to lose weight. Thus I know to reach the goal I have set for myself - doing only one of the two ain't going to cut it. So off to gym with your a$$ missy!!!! (more $$ signs - in honour of our holiday :-))

So go get em tigers! Be it weight loss or be it anything really. Life generally applies the same principles throughout doesn't matter what you are doing!

So this blog is dedicated to Mrs UK and SSG to say - well bloody done! You are an inspiration to us all! Wait wait wait, I just realised something. They are both red heads - hmmmm. Coincidence? Maybe......

Have a happy, healthy, goal reaching day!


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