Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Can you say USA??????

Yeehaa baby - USA here we come! Relax everyone - just for a holiday!

Went to the dear Consulate General of The United States of America this morning - and visa approved! We wont go into detail about what, in my opinion, is a very disorganised affair because hell, who am I to complain??? I get to go to the States, and this time it is the REAL MACOY, not the Free States :-) whoo hoo! 

My German and I are going to the US of A for approx 2.5 - 3 weeks at end of November, beginning December... 2011! I cant wait! I am a lucky girl! I have traveled a bit and even been to Canada but thought the America thing was going to happen maybe in my next lifetime - well hello world, the next lifetime has arrived! NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon to name but a few! 

Bring it on!!!!! 

The weight loss/lifestyle story continues and since it is a lifestyle I guess it will continue until I don't continue no more.... Have lost 0.2kg short of 3kg weight i.e. 2.8kg - been 2 weeks now so I guess it's OKish. Been exercising a lot and really trying to be good so I was hoping for something more dramatic but I guess it took a while to get to where I am and so it will take a while to get back again.

However, isn't it odd that when you lose just a kg or 2 you already start feeling better about yourself and hell, you should. Some people don't even start. So big up to those that have started. The most important thing is to start but that being said - to keep it up is just as important. My new thing when exercising and I just want to stop and eat 5 pizzas is to tell myself - how will this get my thighs slim and trim, how do them hollywood ladies get toned and looking fiiiine? by sitting on the couch and eating, no way, hose! How do I propose to look half decent is a cozzie now that summer is approaching if I just sit on my a$$ (see that $ sign again :-)) Have I mentioned I am going to America!!!!

My resolution is to aim for at least 5-6 workouts of at least 30 minutes a week and guess what - when I get to gym, the first 10 minutes is torture buuuuuuttttt where after I find myself feeling good and enjoying myself. My workout ends up being about 50 min instead of the 30 min. The 30 min is there for the days I am not in the mood, tired or just not feeling it. 30 minutes isn't too bad. 20 min could work too :-)

Keep it up, be good and today is my day off. I have Cake Decorating class tonight so no time for Jimbo....

On that note - have a grand da ya'll and I'll holler back down yonder path.


P.S. A big up to Mrs UK (you know who you are)! Well done! You are a legend and can be verrrrrrry proud of yourself!!!! In fact, you are a rock star

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