Monday, 05 September 2011

Can you say Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes

A cupcake. Who doesn't love cupcakes....

How about a cupcake with a soft caramel centre, topped with a caramel butter cream and candied caramel rounds - I give this all to you in the below....


I was well impressed! So, my candied caramel rounds weren't perfect (they not supposed to be) and maybe a little dark - but it was my first time working with caramel aka melted sugar, so gimme a break... This caramel is actually salted caramel but is not salty at all - really only a pinch of salt. I think it does break the hectic sweetness a bit. These cupcakes we surprisingly not sickly sweet as I expected. Don't be deceived by the triple salted caramel - doesn't mean it is salted 3 times over but instead means the 3 different caramels on/in the cupcake...

Unfortunately, as I discovered these cupcake do not keep well. I wanted to take a pic of the inside to show you  but after 24 hours (totally forgot to do this when I made them) most of the soft caramel filling had absorbed into the cupcake and the candied caramel had melted/dissolved - so they did not look like this a day later. Far from in fact. Definitely a cupcake to be eaten the same day as baking.

You may think I have veered off the healthy lifestyle with the above. Nope! Not at all! I gymed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, I managed to only have half a cupcake the entire weekend. Decided it was cupcakes or wine - so I chose wine :-) (oh and balsamic black pepper strawberries with vanilla ice cream - hehehe).

We had a great time/braai with my friend yesterday, we shall call him Mr Japerica. Where/what is Japerica you may ask? Well, it is not so much a place. Well, it kinda is. You decide. Mr Japerica has been living in Japan for the last 2 years and now looks set to move to America. Japerica. Or it could be Ameripan????

I hope Mr Japerica does not felt hard done by for not being offered any of the above cupcakes but as I said earlier, they don't keep well....

Have an awesome week and I will holler at ya'll later,

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