Friday, 09 September 2011

Eish, so little time

So less than 2 weeks into my new blog and I already missed a day.

Would almost have missed today but thought that would just be poor form. I have put my work on hold for a little bit!

It has been quite a week! In fact, today has been the craziest of it all. Work busy, life busy and stressing about nonsense.

To put your life in perspective in about 8 and a half minutes - watch the following video This guy is amazing. If he can have the courage to stand up in front of the world to try and follow his dreams - well so can we. Makes all the stuff we stress and worry about seem so trivial and pointless.

Looking forward to the weekend. Mommy is coming through tomorrow morning so we can go Cake supply shopping. Found the most fantabulous store up the road from me. 

Last Friday said I was going to do so much over the weekend but didn't get it all done. Will try the gardening thing (skipped that last weekend) and practice stuff for cake decorating class. Our final project is to make, bake and decorate a two-tier wedding cake. Am concerned to say the least....

Lots and lots of exercise lined up - I must admit I did stray off the health path today. I had Poulet Aux Abricots Et Feta for lunch.... Sure you know what I am talking about??? :-) Ok, so it is chicken breasts filled with apricots and danish feta, set on an apricot and a light curry sauce. I copied this directly from the menu. It was yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!!!!! 

Hope you all have a happy weekend!


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