Monday, 12 September 2011

Queen of procrastination????

Who me??? But of course..... So what did you do the weekend? Hmmmm, what part of my plans for the weekend did I stick to? Well, I went to gym on Saturday and Sunday, and went to Mrs M's baby shower, watched the rugby and I uhm, I, uhm... uhm, I did the washing??? :-) Where does the time go?

Think my body is still getting used to the whole going to visit Uncle Jim (aka gym) thing.. Shoowee, by the time the weekend hits all I can think is nap nap time. This is my excuse and I am sticking to it.... That and the other stuff is too boring, too much effort and too little time. My mother (she is a very wise lady), she reckons that anything with a TOO in front of it cannot be good for you i.e. too much, too little, too often etc etc. It makes sense, see? I wonder if TOO lazy on weekend can fall into that category - hmmm, nah. This is the one exception :-)

I believe that you need to listen to your bo-ody.... I was so tired that shame, I even bailed on me mommy this weekend. I moved our date to next weekend. As deaded as I was I got my ass to gym - see, I dont forget the big picture stuff... Saturday had a killer cardio session, hmm, Sunday not so much..... Had a killer nap on Sunday though, if that counts????

Just had lunch - yummy yum yum. Low GI seed bread, cucumber, rocket, chicken, cherry tomatoes and nando's mild  peri-peri sauce. I attach a pic of it below. I kinda was so hungry I couldn't stop - hence, half a sandwich and hey I know it's a paper plate but hey, I still got me some fancy cutlery, so it's not all without class....

This week I plan on being less of a procrastinator and more of a doer (do - er? do er?) which will result in me becoming an achiever! How lame does that sound????

3.6kg down and we will persevere, not so much with the millionare shortbread or lindt chocolate that I ate yesterday but instead we (my butt and I) with the healthy, skinny lifestyle....

I wish you all a slamming week and catch you on the flip side!


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