Thursday, 29 September 2011

The green, green fields of grass....

Today I am feeling tired. I just want to go home and have a nap..... A loooooong nap. Can the first springs rains fall already - my allergies are acting up again. It is my "late" day at work today - we take turns.

The thought of still having to go to gym tonight is making me sad. I however hope to prevail and have gone to get my tog bag out of the car. I am going to apply the 20min rule today - 20min of exercise and see how I feel. If I still feel like I do now - then I have reached my target and off to home I go **patting myself on my back**, if I carry on and do more - it is a double bonus :-)

Funny story - I found out when I was in my teens that I am extremely allergic to grass - but I thought it was the weedy, veld type grass that looks like something similar to the below, you know that weed with the the 3

However, it apparently turns out - I am EXTREMELY allergic to grass that looks like this:

whahahahaha - look familiar????? Other than living in a bubble - I am kind screwed..... :-) Allergy desensitisation is a possibility - an expensive, weekly (for 2 years) possibility. Medical aid OF COURSE does not pay for it. Why would they???? That would mean medical aids pay for medically related procedures.....

Anyways - have a super duper eve ya'll and spot you on the grassy side :-)

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