Thursday, 15 September 2011

Type A personality on a step machine....

For those of you who are on Discovery medical aid and some that aren’t a member will know about Vitality. The point of vitality is to get as many points as you can, either through exercise, healthy eating/shopping, health check-ups or on-line questionnaires. To bump myself up to the next level I did some of the stress questionnaires – I did one and the result (from 20 questions I need to add) was as follows:
Bhahahahaha – that is funny. Funny that I get irritated by every little thing? Nope – funny that 20 questions can be quite so spot on. This is not something is new to me , nor is it the first time that I have been made aware of this. It something that I bury and just get more and more tense until I snap at someone, as miserable biatches do....

The good news is – is that I am aware of this. Admitting something is the first step right? So, what am I doing about it? Well, I can’t help what I am and my natural tendancies. I am however, working on letting things go. I can’t control every situation, nor can I control how someone else will react. This is an ongoing process. I do believe that exercise is the most important tool for me to manage this – it helps relieve some of this pent up stress and tension..... Am loooooving gym at the moment and feeling waaaay calmer and happier about life.

My next step in all of this is to try out yoga.... I have been told by various people on various courses etc i.e. EQ course, personality assessments etc. According to these “professionals”, I would benefit immensely from something like yoga to centre and ground me blah blah blah.... So I am going to try it out.... I am also getting My German to join the gym and start yoga with me, think he can benefit from it too..... He is a runner - a mother father runner.... Runs and runs and runs and runs.... Also, no he is not a control freak like me but he has a very stressful job and also could do with learning to de-stress J hey my bear????? J

Gym last night was epic. Ok, so maybe not exactly epic but I enjoyed it. I try to use basically all of the cardio equipment in the gym during the week - the treadmill, bike, cross-trainer, ski machine and rowing machine but the one piece of equipment that for some reason I have never bothered with, is the step machine.

The last few visits to Uncle Jim, I have been paying attention while wishing away my 20min on the bike. I have discovered a very well kept secret – or maybe not a secret but I wasn’t listening... Look around the gym – there is every kind of size person from super-built, normal to over-weight, basically on the treadmill, bike and cross-trainer. Now, look at the chicks (or guys) on the stepper, the majority of them are built like machines (this means good)!!! Could it be the stepper????? Hmmmm. I decided to get my a$$ onto one of those to see what is what. I think I now understand. 10 min of pain.... Hello my new frenemy, Mr Step Machine. I endeavour to have a meet at greet with you as often as I can going forward.

Have a wonderful day and keep it real,


  1. Your assumptions are correct ... Mbongeni Squat Lunge Pants makes me do 10mins of the stairway from hell (you keep climbing but so help me you never get out hell its a lame joke!) twice a week, it never gets better, just as soon as I master it he turns up the resistance - bastard

  2. Ha you see now.... I am happy to have joined the Stepper Super Tight A$$ (SSTA) club :-) It can make to like me happy. Well, it can like to make me sad when I am on it :-)